After not going home for over a year because of COVID, I was finally able to fly back to Toronto. Of course, I went to eat all the delicious Chinese foods from all the restaurants I’d been missing! It was so nice to see my family, and I hope you enjoy following along my trip!

The video has English and real Cantonese subtitles! For the Jyutping subtitles, you’ll need to go to my Patreon where I make bonus content for Cantonese learners. There you’ll find the transcript to this video, dialogues and more!

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42 thoughts on “Eating my way through Toronto 🇨🇦 Cantonese Food Vlog”

  1. ✨CANTO SUBS ARE BACK✨who's happy about that??

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  2. Hello from British Columbia.

    I am originally from London, Ontario (born in) … sorta but not really close to Toronto.

    Nice to see more Canadian chinese spreading the Cantonese culture and language!

    I grew up listening to cantonese from Hong Kong, but I cannot really speak it well but I can sorta understand it if I hear people talk it around me

  3. Hello Brittany, thank you for your youtube video.😄 That's really helpful. My family and I will visit Toronto this summer. Do you have more suggestions where to eat Asian food? Can you please give me few in Mississauga and other places in Toronto? I heard there are some seafood buffets, do you have any recommendation about seafood buffets? Thank you so much!😄

  4. 2 kinds of topping 麵 😂 I never think of how to describe it in English. Hey u r cbc, how come u don't let your parents kiss? So conservative ahha. Chinese restaurants in Toronto are amazing, even better than HK.

  5. YOUR PARENTS ARE SO CUTE AAAAH 🥺🥺🥺 i’m gonna be visiting toronto my first time next month, i def need to try these restaurants out !!!! if you have any other recommendations pls lmk ((((:

  6. My wife is from Toronto and I had to sneak this video in without her so she wouldn't get extra homesick. Vancouver is pretty much better in every way except Chinese food (we're still pretty good at that too though!). Congee Queen (actually Congee Wong) is our favourite stop when we're back in Toronto too! Ritzy Palace and Very Fair are family staples for us too.

  7. Doesn’t Canada mandate a 14 day quarantine upon arrival if you are unvaccinated?
    Was that your 8th day test …Or………?……… 🤔

  8. After showing us so many great restaurants in Toronto you gave me yet another reson to visit the city. Thanks for making Cantonese more accessible. Cheers from Brazil.

  9. It's so awesome you were able to visit family in Toronto! Family visits always involve eating yummy food (sometimes too much… 😛) Thanks for this vlog!

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