Today I explore Binondo, the center of Manila and the best place to try some epic Chinese food and learn about the city from this area.
Binondo is a district in Manila and is referred to as the city’s Chinatown. Its influence extends beyond to the places of Quiapo, Santa Cruz, San Nicolas and Tondo.

This is 1 video of the many videos from my Youtube vlog series about my time in the Philippines, you can find the entire playlist of videos here:

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43 thoughts on “Chinatown Street Food Tour (Binondo) 🇵🇭”

  1. One of the best cuisine in food is in Pampanga of all the provinces in the Philippines. One hr or more drive from Manila. Try to visit also in North like Bagiuo and Pangasinan, Hundred Islands is the tourist spot in Pangasinan. Try to visit those 3 places nxt time.

  2. Ube is a root crop. You can use it as a veggie or you can use it as a dessert.Sorry , you came across with the Chinese nationals. Some of them are not Filipino citizens. Lots of them came from mainland China.

  3. HARRY your British dry humour is what sets you apart from others. I love how you details pretty much everything and "kamusta ka" to almost everyone is so cool. I am a Filipino now in Perth Western Australia. I do hope you can also visit my second country. Cheerio!👌

  4. Chinese people are not friendly at all. Thats the fact. So dont expect much in china town but u have their best food xx but u are very patient man and always saying hello. Typical of an english man 😂👍👍👍

  5. Pogi means handsome or good looking dude😀😀that girl was shy but she speaks the truth. Filipinos are always excited and happy seeing awhite guys. 🥴😂

  6. Here in the Philippines
    We have sarcastic saying that came from our ancestors and that is
    ' Chinese have a bad manners '
    but it's not true i think they just more serious and focus on their own..
    And that's the reason why there's a lot of Chinese or Filipino Chinese successful living in the Philippines..
    I have a lot of Chinese fried and almost all of them are kind hearted..
    God bless you brother..
    I like your vlog your not faking it is just what it is.. just like watching a documentary..

  7. Great share and to know that is where ti oldest Chinatown is 🙂 WELL DONE! I had to LOL as the first time I wen to San Fran's Chinaotwn, though the same thing.. they were NOT friendly at all, aybe too jaded from all the tourists or just plain wore out… ALL THE BEST and thanks much! Cheers 🙂

  8. Just cultural difference there. They’re mostly Chinese-Filipinos. They mean business and they’re not much into social interactions and chit chat. They’re great entrepreneurs though. Filipinos are more laid-back and easygoing, almost to a fault. They place huge importance on building relationships, even with strangers. They feel safer and more secure once they build that rapport.

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