EATING IN BROOKLYN CHINATOWN! Part 2 of Brooklyn’s 8th Avenue food tour trying all the best seafood food, meat, street food in New York Chinatown! Like & subscribe for more NYC food videos 👍🏻❤️!

Watch Part 1 of what to eat In Brooklyn Chinatown featuring thick noodles, juicy egg tarts and more:

Brooklyn Eight Avenue, Sunset Park’s Chinatown, is the largest Chinatown in all of the five boroughs. It’s one straight avenue filled with lively shops, vibrant colors, fresh markets, and kind locals. There is delicious food to be found in every corner. Many residents in Manhattan moved to Sunset Park and formed what is Brooklyn Chinatown today. It’s become a culinary destination for Southern Chinese cuisine.

Today we stumbled upon a new Sichuan restaurant Sething delicious spicy seafood! Then we grabbed roast pork to go and incredibly cheap and filling banh mi at a local Vietnamese spot! Finally there’ a gem Ice cream shop that you MUST visit! We took many detours today but totally worth it for the new finds!

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  1. Hi TJ I took a veeerryyyy long break on YouTube my past few videos was song covers… But That is not I really wanted to produce,the only reason why I'm doing song covers is due to lack of time(I'm too busy on my work and study) you inspired me again TJ to do my passion and persue my dream… To produce a travel vlog and food vlog to be a good and famous vlogger someday. I REALLY THANK YOU TJ. Please continue inspiring hope you can visit Phillipines again someday hope to see you in person as well. Stay safe TJ

  2. She brings me 🔥food suggestions and just blew my mind when I saw you on SVU last night, I had no idea, not sure how I didn’t know this, pretty 😍, funny, a triple threat 😁😁‼️‼️🙌🏾

  3. You are funny lady…I just love watching you…TJ! I would like to try all those yummy foods..including the ice cream 🍨! 👍👍

  4. She has such a bubbly personality! Love it.. and she’s cute 😊 that tattoo on her though.. 😍😍😍 and she’s a foodie!!!

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