Today’s video is a food tour of EPIC proportions. I mean… our food guide is the one, the only @The Food Ranger himself!!

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27 thoughts on “AMAZING Chinese Food in Chengdu |5 must try dishes”

  1. I was born and grew up in Sichuan province and am working in Bejing now. All my feelings about Sichuan cuisine occupied my whole brain when watching your delicious video clips.😋😛

  2. won ton for me has always got be in soup with spoon! and it aggravates me you keep playing with your food, i bet the locals get annoyed when you mix it up! lol

  3. For anyone scared of the spiciness, please use a lot of seaseme oil and garlic as base of your dip. Even locals can stand the spiciness, if not washed in seaseme oil. That's the reason blondie here is feeling too hot, because she didnt wash it in oil.

  4. Hope to see more of Trevor video eating China food, it is iconic, and if u guys makes a Collab video tasting food together would be so intriguing.

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  6. It's not called the first Asian UNESCO World City of Gastronomy for nothing.

    I am proud of my Sichuanese heritage, and my identity as a native Cantonese, mainly because of food. lol

    That's two lines of Chinese heritage with top-tier deliciousness (in the entire world).

    But still, Chengdu has my city Guangzhou beat, hands down.
    You can still find bad outlets in GZ.

    But I challenge anyone to find one in Chengdu.

    edited: it's the first ''Asian'' UNESCO World City of Gastronomy

  7. I see you didn't try the dried rabbit head thing that seems to be available on lots of street food stands, but looks absolutely revolting! Black, shrivelled and dried up, but it's in a lot of places so I guess someone must like it. But that was one snack I definitely wasn't going to try!

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