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Another NYC vlog in Chinatown, new york! In today’s video, we continue to try Fung Bro’s NYC Chinatown food recommendations! Are they good? Let’s check it out!
Hint* I just had the best Mochi donut in my life haha!
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Best NYC Chinatown restaurant tried in today’s video:
Mei Lai Wah Bakery (must try pineapple bbq pork bun!):
ALIMAMA TEA (best mochi donut and brown sugar boba cream puff)
ChunYangTea (It is a Taiwanese Boba chain)

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4 thoughts on “NYC Chinatown Food| Best Mochi Donut, Sugar Boba Cream Puff, Oatmeal Boba, Pineapple BBQ bun”

  1. OMG all this food looks scrumptious! I need to definitely visit Chinatown NYC and try some of these goodies! Really enjoyed this VLOG! Just uploaded my own Food VLOG to Chinatown London, feel free to check it out xxxx

  2. The staff at Mei lei wah are toisan and old school Canto so they were probably like huh when you spoke mandarin! I like the pineapple/char siu bao mix too and the dai bao there. The Flushing Chinatown is like Aladdin, a whole new world. Not sure if you got a chance to venture there as well?

  3. Oh my goodness, it’s so funny that you said you don’t speak freaking Cantonese!!!! In the Flushing Chinatown, the stores usually have employees that say they don’t understand Cantonese!!!! However, Cantonese people who don’t speak Mandarin can usually understand Mandarin. Those employees in Mei Lai Wah are dumb if they can’t even understand English!!!! I know that so many people like the roasted pork buns and all kinds of buns for that matter. To me buns are awful food just like sandwiches!!!! People just love all kinds of freaking breads such as buns and all kinds of dough food such as donuts. Breads are awful food to me!!!! I like cakes and all kinds of desserts which can have dough in them too. Oh, those are not temporary glass houses. They are built for outdoor dining due to the pandemic when no indoor dining was allowed. Now people love the outdoor dining so those glass houses won’t be temporary. I think it was reported that the government will allow outdoor dining permanently. You found better food in the Tim Ho Wan Restaurant in Hawaii 🤪. But, I don’t mean you should had done dim sum again in NYC. You could had done something more unique in Flushing Chinatown where they don’t speak Cantonese, haha!!!! Seriously, it’s redundant to redo what the Fung Bros did!! I get it that you have been to NUC before so maybe you don’t want to do stuff you did before. At least, the Boba teas are better than cream puff which is like bread filled with something inside!! Anyway, I hope you guys had fun in NYC. Three days in NYC is too short, but Lisa & Bill usually do 2 days since they have to go back to work. It is what it is!!

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